This webinar will be awesome. Here is what you will learn:

Objective:    To show how to record files upload to G-drive in the root folder or any folder.

Insert Filename and a link (html link) into a sheet row. When the new row is

Entered into the sheet create a card on a public Trello Board PA39/DA90

    Create your own autoresponder using SUMO Email Form collect data and

send a welcome response.

  1. What you need one of these:
    Zapier Account account
    Or IFTTT account
  2. Overview of the easy one:
  3. Overview of The effective one:
  4. Overview of The In Between:
  5. How to set up an Applet in IFTTT
  6. How to set up a Zap and create a Workflow
  7. How to create Bots in and create a Workflow

Looking forward to see you on the Webinar.